W.I.N.D. Ministries

W.I.N.D. of the Spirit Ministries believes that artists of definitions are called to display the heart of God in tangible ways to glorify Him and draw people to Christ.  We pray and plan carefully to sponsor activities that:

• Connect Christians Creatively

• Encourage and Support Artists in their Ministries

• Provide Opportunities for Artists to Share their Work in Meaningful Venues

• Inspire Artists Personally and Professionally through Seminars and Workshops

• Promote Worship Arts in Church Services and Special Events

• Provide Opportunities for Community Outreach

W.I.N.D. Ministries is affiliated with International Fellowship Ministries, a Minnesota-based licensing organization with 50+ years of experience “Serving Those Who Serve Others.” In 2006 W.I.N.D. started as a children’s outreach organization called “Kids Celebrating Christ” and grew to its current scope of ministry, including Great Commission Artists. From its inception W.I.N.D. has specifically and passionately promoted unity and worship through the arts.