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“Get Ready To Market Your Art” Webinar for artists 

Love to make art but hate to sell?
Learn how to prosper in your work and make marketing easy with these strategies
Prepare Your Body of Work
Design a compelling body of work
Present Professionally
Build credibility and get taken seriously
Target Your Market
Know your customer or your niches
Create your Message
Resonate with your audience
Brand Your Business
Become memorable
Go to Market
Reach your audience with effective methods

CAROLYN EDLUND is the founder of, a top-ten ranked business blog for artists, and also acts as the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute. Her background includes decades of hands-on experience as a successful production artist, seven years as a sales rep for art publishing companies and a serial entrepreneur. She presents art business workshops in the US and abroad, does private business consulting for artists and writes extensively about marketing, sales and other topics of interest.


Art in the Beauty of Holiness
Creative Arts Worship Series – Part 1
The artisans of the Bible were called by name. With care, they selected the finest materials, glorious fabrics, and exquisite jewels and metals. All for God’s glory.So it is with us today. God calls us by name to use our creative gifts to worship Him, to lift Jesus up, and to draw attention to the majesty of our God. Discover:

  • Scriptural basics of Christian art
  • Foundational concepts of art in ministry
  • Connecting art and music in worship
  • Creative techniques and ideas for sacred art

The Artist’s Call

Art in the Beauty of Holiness
Creative Arts Worship Series – Parts 2 & 3

In the spring of 2010, a group of artists in the Twin Cities of Minnesota began to collaborate toward a common vision regarding art and ministry. The DVDs in this series capture some of that dialogue and the inspiration that later, in 2012, culminated in the formation of the Great Commission Artists. Discover:

Disc One

  • The creative process- an interview with author, artist, and dancer Sharon Hinck.
  • God’s call to artists in today’s secular world – a panel discussion with artists Michael Sanders, Fred Somers, Elsa Hammond, and Cheryl Barr
  • Inspiration, insights, and the mission of art – interviews with the panel of artists.

Disc Two

  • Inspiring children toward creative freedom – a discussion with children’s ministers Jeanette Twedton, Judy Schumack and Roberta Sawyer.
  • How to incorporate the arts into worship and church ministries – an interview with worship arts leader Marilee Stevens.
$25.00 Two Disc Set

Banners With Elsa Hammond

Art in the Beauty of Holiness
Creative Arts Worship Series – Part 4

When banners fly, our hearts soar with them. We see the majesty of God and experience His presence. In the hands of a skillful artisan, fabric becomes canvas for glorious art, and we are captivated by its beauty and power. Isaiah 62:10 encourages us to “Go through, Go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, build up the highway! Take out the stones, lift up a banner for the peoples!” Discover:

  • Scriptural basics of banners
  • Conceptual development and design
  • Construction techniques and tips
  • Banners in ministry and worship


Art in the Beauty of Holiness
Creative Arts Worship Series – Parts 1 to 4
(Four Discs)


Waterfalls with Paul Oman
An Art and the Word CollaborativeOn July 14th, 2012, at beautiful Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Paul Oman, pastor and artist, taught local artists how to empower their art with the Word of God and coordinate the application of color, composition, and contrast to story and emotion. His expertise and tips benefited artists of all levels, inspiring them toward greater expression of their faith in their visual art. The seminar was sponsored by Great Commission Artists, a network of Christians dedicated to leading people to Christ through the visual arts. Their goal is to create beauty for the glory of God and connect artists from all denominations in meaningful fellowship. Art lies within Christians of all ages. Join us as we explore how to release this treasure into our worship, the life of our local churches, and the world around us.

  • Create visual art that reflects the Word
  • Grow in your technical skills
  • Combine your art and worship

Art in the Beauty of Holiness

Creative Arts Worship Series – Parts 1 to 4 
PLUS Waterfalls with Paul Oman 
(Total of five discs)